Semiconductor Industry

Within the semiconductor sector, we offer our international customers a wide and comprehensive range of cryogenic products.

Cryogenic solutions:

CryoSpectra Systems offers a wide range of high-performance cryogenic products for semiconductor, coating, vacuum, research and development industries. Among the many applications you can find ultra-high vacuum generation for semiconductor processes, water vapor cryopumps with water vapor pump speeds up to 400,000l/s, and cold traps for display and other vacuum coating equipment [e.g. CVD coating and thin film coating]. They can be used to trap condensable substances and water vapor within a vacuum process. As a result, the quality of the vacuum is rapidly improved and pump-down times of the vacuum system significantly reduced, meaning product throughput is increased by up to 100%. The investment costs are amortized within a few months. Furthermore, our systems can be used for direct cooling applications, such as cooling electrostatic chucks in semiconductor manufacturing or cooling various sensor technologies.

The product range can also be equipped with a secondary cooling circuit to temper inert gases or process fluids in an open or closed cooling circuit.

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Why CryoSpectra in the semiconductor industry?