Ultrashort Puls Laser

After having worked for many years in the field of laser physics, we are acutely aware of our international customers’ high expectations and needs. Therefore, we have made it our goal to develop ultra-low-vibration, high-performance cryocoolers for all types of laser physics applications. Our cold-heads guarantee an ultra-compact and almost vibration-free cryosource within the vacuum chamber at the lowest vibration amplitudes down to the sub-nanometer range.

Thus, CryoSpectra’s CryoCooler enables cutting-edge applications such as phase-stabilized [CEP], cryogenically-cooled femtosecond pulse laser amplifiers at the very highest level.

Adapted to their specific needs, our products are particularly suitable for the following laser applications:

Of course, our cryocoolers can be used for numerous other applications in the field of physics.


Why CryoSpectra in laser physics?