These reliable cold trap solutions [Meissner traps] feature the highest separation rates and water vapor pump rates up to 43,000l/s. Due to the compact compressor design, which is specifically designed for rough industrial operation, the cold trap solutions need only the smallest of footprints. The highly efficient and energy-saving compressor units require only 500 Watt of electrical power for typical use. Cooling temperatures as low as 120K [-153°C] are achieved, thus enabling an ideal range of applications down to the UHV range. The low temperatures make application in the UHV range as well as in the rough vacuum range possible. Due to their easy installation, the systems are also suitable as an add-on for vacuum chambers in order to quickly lower the water vapor partial pressures and thus achieve higher process throughput. Furthermore, the CT-100A series is suitable for highly contaminated vacuum processes such as Parylene applications or CVD coating processes. The easy installation and cleaning possibilities make the systems an ideal extension for standard vacuum pumps [e.g. rotary vane pumps, turbo pumps] as well as cryogenic filter solutions for numerous vacuum processes. By using these cryogenic pumps, process throughput rates can be increased by up to 100%. The vacuum process pumps are also reliably protected by these cold traps for other processes in the semiconductor industry, such as thin film process equipment.

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Compressor unit

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