ULT refrigerators for mRNA vaccines

Bisamberg, Austria – March, 2021 – COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently we are permitted to contribute our years of expertise in the field of cryogenic and low-temperature technology in the context of the construction of special ULT refrigerators and walk-in low-temperature cooling chambers for the storage of mRNA vaccines. Temperatures down to -86°C are preferred. By using our leading cryogenic technology, our renowned partners in the healthcare and medical sectors are already able to store and transport urgently needed COVID-19 vaccines in a professional manner. This significantly helps to ensure that imperative cold chains remain uninterrupted, therefore allowing for even faster delivery of the vaccines. CryoSpectra is proud to be able to make a positive contribution in this difficult situation.

HEADQUARTERS - Expansion of laboratory space & production capacity

Bisamberg, Austria – March, 2021 – CryoSpectra

The new headquarters of CryoSpectra Bisamberg is a leading cryogenics and ultra-low-temperature competence center. The focus of our activities lies in the development of cryogenics and ultra-low-temperature solutions for research and industry. Within the scope of our work we cooperate with worldwide leading high-tech companies. This symbiotic relationship results in intelligent and refined solutions for tomorrow’s multifaceted challenges. CryoSpectra’s new competence center in the middle of Europe offers an excellent scientific environment with very good development opportunities due to its close proximity to Vienna.

In the course of the expansion of our laboratory capacities and production areas, due to the global increase in demand for customized cryogenic solutions, CryoSpectra and CryoSpectra Systems have been integrated under one roof. By bundling their competences, CryoSpectra can now ensure the comprehensive supply of global markets with high-end cryogenic solutions. The close link between research and industrial development guarantees cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

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