CryoSpectra GmbH 


CryoSpectra is a leading expert in the production of very low vibration high power cryorefrigerators for superior applications. CryoSpectra  is well integrated in the academic optical community due to the demand for high power laser applications. According to the high requirements of laser amplifiers, our cryorefrigerators can be easily applied to other demanding cryo-applications in science and industry. Our main interest is to manufacture and to develop cryorefrigerators for highest requirements.

The company was established in 2010 in Vienna, Austria and has built a strong relationship to well-known academic institutes and industries worldwide. By the use of our advanced cryorefrigerator-products, we are able to meet the challenging demands of customers. One of our major  interests is customer friendliness that leads to entering new markets in physics, chemistry and biotechnology.