K170040A - 40W@170K 


The K170040A is a compact high power recirculating cooling system for cryogenic high cooling capacity applications. Especially designed to work in compact chambers for high power laser systems, the closed- loop cooling system ensures maintenance-free operation. The K170040A consists of a compressor unit, a flexible coolant delivery line and a special cold head with a vacuum flange that directly connects a heat source such as a laser crystal assembly to a chamber in high power lasers. The cold head guarantees an absolutely ultra-compact vibration-free cold source inside chambers.



+ High cooling capacity 40 W
+ Cryogenic temperature 160 K
+ Cool-down time 20 minutes
+ Cold head vibration-free
+ Almost noiseless
+ Compact design
+ Maintenance-free


+ Laser crystal cooling
+ High power laser amplifier
+ CEP stabilized laser system
+ Ti:Sapphire multi-millijoule
    multi-kHz amplifier system
+ Quantum Cascade Laser
+ Cryopumping


+ Compact chamber design
+ Vibration-free
+ Orientation-independent operation
+ CFF-40- or KF-50-flange
+ Diamagnetic metal head
+ Extremely high heat conductivity


Datasheet K170040A